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Lucas Chilczuk in Chianti

Lucas Chilczuk in Chianti, Italy

Lucas Chilczuk was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and immigrated to the United States shortly after high school. He attended Pasadena City College and California State University, Los Angeles, where he ultimately received a degree in art history. Although Lucas was introduced to photography by his grandfather Lorenzo, an amateur Ukrainian photographer living in Argentina, it was during college that Lucas really honed his skills. Under the direction of Esteban Ignatczyk—a photographer for the Latin Music Industry—Lucas learned the ways of the studio.

Lucas’ first independent series, entitled “Beautiful Junk,” celebrates the Mojave desert, ghost towns, and abandoned modes of transportation. This series, which uses the technique known as “painting with light,” harks back to Lucas’ longtime fascination with aviation. In Argentina, Lucas’ family lived near an airbase, and family friends working on the base would often allow him to join them on short flights. “Beautiful Junk” was exhibited at three galleries in Los Angeles, California.

More recently, Lucas’ work focuses on dancers, a subject he took interest in while his wife, an art historian, was writing a doctoral dissertation on Renaissance dance and painting. Whereas in California Lucas saw the landscape refracted through the lens of vehicular transportation, the urban fabric of New York increasingly became for him a landscape defined by corporeal movement. Lucas maintains equal interest in critically acclaimed companies, emerging companies, and freelance dancers.

When not running from studios to rehearsals, Lucas can be found walking his dog Layla through Fort Tryon Park or exploring the streets of Rome, a city he holds very close to his heart.

Having fun

Los Angeles Ballet Principal Allyssa Bross and Lucas Chilczuk having a bit of fun in the studio.